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Cornavita is the name of a start-up company, which will engage in the clinical development of the Strophanthus glycoside ouabain to treat heart failure. Ouabain (known in German as g-Strophanthin) has been used successfully for decades in the treatment of heart disease. Recent research results suggest that this drug disposes of favorable qualities that so far have been neglected. By inducing newly discovered signaling cascades ouabain modulates a variety of physiological processes. Based on a comprehensive analysis of preclinical and clinical data described in the scientific literature on ouabain, it is intended to found the start-up company Cornavita, which will engage in the clinical development of this drug to treat heart failure. I am seeking investors who will engage with equity in the financing of Cornavita. This website is intended to provide background information to potentially interested investors.


Individuals and institutions interested in financing Cornavita, please contact:


Dr. Hauke Fürstenwerth

Unterölbach 3A

51381 Leverkusen

Tel: +49-2171-73 37 40

e-mail: hauke@cornavita.de


Information about my professional experience is available here.

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