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Cornavita is the name of a start-up company that is to be founded to carry out the clinical development of the active substance Ouabain. The strophanthus glycoside g-strophanthin (English synonym: Ouabain) has been successfully used for decades in the treatment of heart disease. Current research results show that this active ingredient has previously neglected efficacy qualities. Via newly discovered signal cascades, Ouabain influences a variety of physiological processes. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the preclinical and clinical data on Ouabain described in the scientific literature, Cornavita  will carry out the clinical development of this active ingredient in several promising indications. There is extensive positive clinical experience in the indication heart failure. Based on current research results, the clinical development in further indications is warranted. 


Cardiovascular and renal disease risks are entwined through hormonal mechanisms, and chronic kidney diseases are associated with increased risk for hypertension and death in cardiovascular disease. Fetal malnutrition endangers kidney development and results in an increased risk for renal disease and hypertension. Chronic kidney diseases represent a major socio- economical burden, both in industrial and developing countries. For example, there are now more than 20 million Americans who have some evidence of chronic kidney disease and are at risk of developing kidney failure. So far there is no drug available for treatment in this indication. Ouabain in vivo protects kidney development from adverse effects of malnutrition. 


Of current importance are new studies, which prove an in vitro effect of Ouabain against corona viruses. Covid-19 disease often leads to a disturbance of oxygen uptake/oxygen utilization. Historically, it is a well-documented finding that Ouabain corrects oxygen deficiencies in hypoxic conditions. In clinical practice, Ouabain has been successfully used for intercurrent infections and pneumonia. In view of the current corona pandemic, Ouabain should be used in clinical trials.


Senescence is a protective stress response that limits the replication of damaged, pre-neoplastic or aged cells. On senescence induction, cells enter a stable cell cycle arrest. Senescent cells are present in pre-neoplastic and fibrotic lesions, they accumulate in old tissues and are associated with an increasing list of pathologies. The aberrant accumulation of senescent cells during ageing and disease is largely detrimental. In mouse models it has been shown that clearing senescent cells from progeroid or naturally ageing mice improves the healthspan, increases the lifespan, and benefits an array of pathologies that include atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis and neurodegenerative diseases.


In recent studies Ouabain treatment reduced the number of senescent cells in old mice. Ouabain not only targeted senescent cells, but also had a broader impact that was reflected in improved metabolic parameters and physical fitness. Moreover, the ouabain-induced reduction of senescence diminished chronic inflammation and reversed changes in immune infiltration observed in old mice. These data constitute evidence of tissue remodelling happening in response to the elimination of senescent cells. It has been suggested that Ouabain can be combined with anti-cancer therapies to both enhance the elimination of cancer cells and avoid the accumulation of bystander senescent cells responsible for some of the side effects of these treatments.


This broad senolytic effect of Ouabain is confirmed by clinical experience. After treatment with Ouabain, not only an improvement of specific disease states is reported, but often a general improvement of the patients' condition is observed. The senolytic effect of Ouabain offers a wide range of indications for which clinical development is warranted.


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